For credit organizations

1.1 Card verification

  • Clint fills in online application for online credit

  • He/she specified details of payment card, where there will be credited the provided credit: card number, validity term, cvv.

  • On the side of WayForPay there is performed the card verification in order to verify the card validity


1.2  In order to provide the credit, to the card the employee selects card crediting, receives the result of the funds crediting to the card. Within several minutes, the funds will be at the card (ideally – immediately upon successful crediting answer).

  •  Card crediting (provision of credit to the card)

  • Verify request for card verification


1.3 Online credit repayment

  • Client may repay the credit online through the WayForPay protected page

  • Client may set automatic funds writing off from the card

Accept payment (Purchase) – payment page call by the site for repayment.


 1.4 Automatic repayment

 - If the client agrees with the terms and conditions of automatic credit repayment from the card, then the employee selects the frequency and the amount of the writing off request, as well as number of attempts to write off the funds from the card (writing off according to RrecTocken + recurring payments service).

- Charge+recToken – request for funds writing off according to the set parameters.