WayForPay – payment aggregator that performs acceptance of online payments for internet-business through various payment methods.

Payment solution gives the possibility to make and receive payments easily and quickly.


API  interface allows to perform the following set of operations of electronic commerce on condition of input of data of banking cards at the protected page of payment gate WayForPay:


  • SALE   Quick payment making with one command
  • AUTH  Blocking of assets at client’s card
  • Settle  Completion of payment with confirmation of withdrawal
  • Refund    Return of assets (full or partial) to the user card
  • CheckStatus   Clarification of current status of payment

Payments pattern

There are two patterns of payment making: single- and double-staged.


The single-staged payment is to be performed with one command SALE  – by results of which authorization and further withdrawal of assets for the benefit of merchant takes place.

The double-staged payment is the usage of two commands:

  1. AUTH  – authorization, blocking of assets on user card;
  2. Settle  – confirmation of withdrawal.

After successful authorization the amount of transaction will be blocked at the card account of the client. Then the merchant has up to 21 calendar days for confirmation of withdrawal. If the transaction will not be confirmed within 21 days – it will be automatically cancelled.

One may confirm both the full amount of authorization and a part thereof. Depending on the settings the system can automatically perform the confirmation of double-staged payments after the specified number of days.


Purpose of protocol

 The protocol provides the integration of Internet-shops with payment gate WayForPay, intended for merchants interested in the access to convenient and flexible solution for automation of electronic payments. 

The protocol is product-oriented and it implies that any order should contain at least one product and unique number of order in merchant’s system.

The interface maintains functions for performance of payments, cancellation of payments, return of assets, completion of payments performed based on double-staged pattern.

Payments security


1. Purchaser raises an order on the retail and service outlet site and goes to payment.

2. Retail and service outlet generated through HTTP protocol POST for WayForPay server.

3. WayForPay displays for  the client protected page in order he/she enters card details.

4. Client enters card details.

5. Data processing by the WayForPay gateway and Bank generation of request to the bank.

6. Data sending for transaction processing to the bank.

7. Bank returns to the client the form for 3DS.

8. Purshaser enters 3DS.

9. Bank processing transaction and returns the result to the WayForPay gateway.

10. WayForPay redirects purshaser to the site URL and sends the answer through HTTP POST as to the order payment status.

11. Retail and sevice outlet notifies the purshaser about the order payment result.