For taxi services

API gives the possibility to implement:

  •  Card association in application
  •  “One click” payment
  •  Block an amount at the client card for 21 days or to write off an amount immediately – immediate payment
  •  Finish the payment amount writing off if client has traveled more than the declared route on in case of the car idle time
  •  To ensure automatic payment for drivers and tax services (settlement account or card)


Card addition in the application

Card addition in the application will give the client the possibility to pay for all the following travels by “one click”. There is also available the payment without card addition, but with complete entering of payment details at each payment.



Purchase - allows add a card in the application

recToken  - returned in response to the application - the unique identifier of the card in the system.


Payment in the app

Payment with the blocking of funds on the card will allow to "freeze" the amount for subsequent debiting after a certain event (for example, after the car is served or the client is delivered to the destination).



Charge+recToken – request for travel value blocking at the client card


Funds writing off from the client card


Settle – blocked funds writing off.

Funds writing off in application is possible through two-step scheme – funds blocking at the card and writing off, as well as through immediate writing off from the client card.


Finish funds writing off from the card

Possibility to finish the payment writing off in case the client has traveled more. Or to change the blocked amount in case the client has traveled less.



Charge+recToken will give the possibility to finish amount writing off from the card